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Why the Open Data movement is no joke

on Fri, 05/04/2012 - 06:40

On May Day, Tom Slee wrote a post labeled "Why the "Open Data Movement" is a Joke". While this is quite ridiculous (pun intended), the article prompted a number of very thoughtful responses:

Together, they provide a lot of information about Open Data (see graphic by Justin Grimes on the right) with good examples and additional resources, as well as a great list of arguments for Open Data:
  • Open Data creates transparency and accountability
  • Open Data leads to better informed and broader policy debates
  • Open Data enables innovators and developers to create new products and services
  • Open Data creates economic opportunities and new data ecosystems
  • Open Data impacts people's lives through better services, apps and more
  • Open Data doesn't equal Open Government, but is an important part of it
  • Open Data helps government become more efficient
  • Open Data benefits local government
So if you haven't followed the open data movement, here is a chance to get a concise summary. And then engage. Which may just be the opposite of what Tom Slee wanted to achieve ...

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