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Data tools

Visualize your data

  • DataMarket - portal to share and sell datasets via download and API with powerful visualization options that can be embedded
  • Knoema - portal to share datasets publicly or privately via download and API with powerful visualization options that can be embedded
  • Tableau Public - free tool to create powerful visualizations and embed them on websites;
  • Tableau Server - more powerful features than Tableau Public but needs to be licensed
  • Many Eyes - powered by IBM, provides visualization options that can be shared and embedded
  • - upload, save and share your own data, mash up with other data sources. Drag & drop point data. Embed maps on your website
  • Google Maps - map your data and make them findable
  • Google Fusion Tables - visualize and publish maps, timelines and charts
  • DevInfo - mainly targeted at development projects, the platform allows you to store, organize and present data in various chart types
  • InstantAtlas - interactive (and linked) maps, charts and tables

Publish your data

  • Socrata - provide open data services and platforms
  • CKAN - open source data portal platform, provided by the Open Knowledge Foundation
  • Open Government Platform - basically in a box, providing open source tools to launch a data sharing platform
  • European Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) solution - set of software tools to publish data and host them on Microsoft Cloud, mostly aimed at governments
  • DevInfo - UN endorsed tool that helps organize, store and present data
  • Space-Time Research - analytics and visualization solutions that help share data
  • Tableau Software - visualization platform that can be used to share indicator data
  • Voyager GIS - cataloguing tool for GIS data, includes option to create portal for internal and external data sharing

Code up custom visualizations

  • D3 - innovative visualization framework enabling manipulation of documents based on data, JavaScript-based (created by the creators of Protovis); powerful tool but requires somewhat sophisticated coding skills
  • Tributary - simple interface for live coding of D3 (see changes to the code come to life immediately)
  • Highcharts - charting library in JavaScript for intuitive, interactive charts; a bit easier to use than D3 but more limited in its chart options (line, spline, area, areaspline, column, bar, pie and scatter chart); to visualize timeline, use Highstock.
  • StatPlanet - free software to create interactive maps and charts; the free version supports 5 indicators, the full version, StatPlanet Plus, also adds functionality and can be used for free for non-commercial purposes
  • Raphaël - visualization library simplifying vector graphics; JavaScript based, uses SVG and VML as base
  • Kartograph - mapping framework that works with vector graphics rather than tiles, JavaScript-based
  • MetaLayer - discover and share insights from data via infographics
  • WEAVE - Web-based analysis and visualization environment, allows quick creation of visualizations with linked charts
  • Processing - layer on top of Java/OpenGL to create images, animations, and interactions, but limited widget support (open source)
  • The Miso Project - set of JavaScript libraries that enables the processes of managing data, building reusable components, and authoring narratives; first release: Dataset, a JavaScript client-side data transformation and management library

Wrangle your data

  • Microsoft Excel - still the standard for many as the easy first stop to review data
  • Data Science Toolkit - collection of useful tools to extract and convert test, GIS and other data (my overview here)
  • ScraperWiki - provides software and instructions to extract data and information from web sites
  • Google Refine - clean, organize, refine (duh!) and explore your new datasets,  great for exploring new datasets
  • Data Wrangler- helps transform messy data into nicely formatted table for user in analysis and visualization software
  • Overview - clean, visualize and interactively explore large documents and data set (started by AP)
  • The PANDA Project - the new newsroom data appliance
  • Stat/Transfer - converts data between formats of statstical analysis packages
  • Epi Info - free software package from CDC that provides data collection, advanced statistical analyses, and GIS mapping capability
  • VistaMetrix - extract data from any graphic by selecting which points to capture in an overlay; works on pictures and video
  • csvkit - performs search, query, filter and other operations on csv files; enables SQL-style joins on csv files
  • Trifacta
  • ClearStory Data
  • Iodine
  • Paxata

Collect data on mobiles

  • Open Data Kit (ODK) - University of Washington based research group developing an innovative, open source platform to enable mobile data collection
  • Frontline SMS
  • Medic Mobile - enables data collection via regular phones via SIM apps; extends existing open-source platforms, including FrontlineSMS, OpenMRS, Ushahidi, Google Apps, and HealthMap

Use other data service providers